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Batson Headworks Box…

Our product is fulfilling the industry’s need for an economical and simplified method to replace inadequate headworks components in fresh water or wastewater treatment systems. Field tested for 2 years, our headworks box is less expensive yet more durable and more reliable than other filtration units on the market or in the ground. No more delays because of having to order and replace broken parts or having to pump the wastewater treatment system at your customer’s expense.

Alabama Septic Services…

Septic Installations, Repairs and Maintenance – Batson Enterprises, Inc. offers a full range of septic system repairs and installations of both new and replacement septic systems. Our fully-trained and highly capable staff can handle any type of project. Need Help Finding an Engineer for Your Project? We work with only the best local engineers and a tester will be more than happy to handle all your permit application work needed throughout Alabama.

Service & Maintenance

We specialize in grinder pumps, effluent pumps controls, including time dosing panels, and alternative sewer treatment systems of all types.