Septic Installations


The systems shown below are just some of the Alabama septic installations of alternative waste treatments that are out there, and are approved in the state of Alabama. These and others are primarily used for property that does not perc, or has a high water table, or rock layer. They can be used for “Single” or “Residential Clustered Systems”.

The modular units can be installed in parallel to treat large flows, or in series to achieve high levels of treatment. Once the site is evaluated, the proper size and treatment can be accomplished for your situation. All of the phases from site evaluations to installations and maintenance operations can be done.

Peat System

Alabama septic instalations-peat

Bord Na Mona Puraflo® Peat Fibre Biofilter – is an advanced secondary treatment system that purifies septic tank effluent to an extremely high degree before effluent disposal. A typical Puraflo® Peat Biofilter consists of a standard septic tank fitted with an industrial effluent filter on the outlet pipe, a dosing tank (pump or siphon tank) to dose the septic tank effluent onto the peat biofilter media, modules containing the peat biofilter treatment media where advanced treatment occurs due to physical, chemical, and microbial processes that are optimized in the peat biofilter media, and some form of disposal.

Effluent dispersal typically involves onsite, subsurface gravity disposal, the choice of which depends mainly on local custom and practice. The Puraflo® Peat Fibre Biofilter can be used as a stand alone secondary treatment system with subsurface gravity pad disposal or can be used in conjunction with pressure disposal systems, more advanced collection systems or discharge systems as applicable.

Due to the high quality of the peat biofilter effluent, the siting and sizing requirements for effluent disposal are less stringent than for conventional systems or other systems that do not provide the same degree of pre-treatment. As a result, the Puraflo® Peat Fibre Biofilter can be used as a repair system, on sites that would otherwise be unsuitable for development, and for denser development.

This document is intended to assist the designer prepare a design in accordance with manufacturer recommended and standard industry practice. Designer should be familiar with any Local and State regulations/practices that supersede this document and modify the system design accordingly.
We at Batson Enterprises hope this documentation will help you in your design process.

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Aerobic (ATU) System


Purifications of raw wastewater is a simple process with NAYADIC units. Wastewater flows by gravity through a four inch waste pipe from the home or business to the unit’s influent line where it is deposited in the center of the aeration-setting tank. An air compressor installed in, or near, the source of the wastewater supplies air to a diffuser located at the bottom of the tank. This aeration speeds the natural biological breakdown of the wastewater.

Next, the treated wastewater flows into a clarification zone where it flows over a 360 degree weir. The clear effluent is then piped and dispersed. NAYADIC was tested by the National Sanitation Foundation and is listed under their ANSI/NSF Standard 40 as a Class I plant.

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AquaPoint Decentralized Aerobic System


Wastewater flows from the septic or primary settling tank into a baffled chamber inside the Bioclere’s clarifier. The baffled chamber facilitates settling of solids. lternating dosing pumps are automatically activated by timers and periodically dose the media filter with wastewater from the clarifier. Above the media filter a dosing array ensures uniform distribution of the wastewater over the media surface. Oxygen is distributed throughout the filter by a fan that draws external air into the Bioclere. In the trickling filter the organic material in the wastewater is reduced by a population of microorganisms that attach themselves to the media and form a biological slime layer known as biomass. Treatment is accomplished in the outer layer of the biomass by aerobic microorganisms. As the microorganisms multiply and the biological film thickens, diffused oxygen and organic substrate are consumed before the wastewater penetrates the full depth of the film. Consequently, the biomass develops aerobic, anoxic and anaerobic zones.

As the microorganisms that are in contact with the plastic media become starved for oxygen and organic carbon that is consumed by the surface layer, they lose their ability to cling to the media. The trickling wastewater washes the biomass off of the media and a new biological film begins to form. This process of losing the biomass is called “sloughing”. The rate of sloughing is primarily a function of organic and
hydraulic loading on the filter. This natural process does not compromise treatment and allows the media bed to be self-purging and maintenance free. The sloughing biomass is washed through the trickling filter and settles to the bottom of the clarifier as secondary sludge. Bioclere’s re-circulation system periodically pumps the secondary sludge to the septic tank where it is stored and eventually removed.

This physical process is essentially the same for the reduction of BOD5 and nitrification (conversion of ammonia nitrogen to nitrate nitrogen).

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